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We Answer Your Questions About Insurance

Find answers here to frequently asked questions. Once you know what you need to, you can fill out our simple form to instantly receive quotes from qualified medical insurance providers.

Which type is best for me?

The answer to this question depends on your personal circumstances. Typically HSA policies are best for individuals who are healthy and do not want to pay the monthly expense of premiums for coverage they aren't likely to use. HMO products are good for small families on a budget, and PPO plans are best for families or individuals with a little more room in their finances, or those who have a longstanding family physician they wish to use.

My employer offers coverage, can I supplement that plan?

Yes. If you need to supplement an existing policy you can apply for an offering with limited or specific coverage through this site. Be sure to specify your needs and, if you need to, speak with a representative about your particular needs in order to get a plan custom-tailored to you.

Is my information secure?

Yes. This site uses a strong encryption technology to secure your information against prying before it is transmitted to our network of trusted providers.

What types of quotes are offered through this site?

You can receive quotes through our national network for many different policies including health savings accounts (HSAs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs), health maintenance organizations (HMOs), indemnity plans, catastrophic plans and more.

Will I need a deposit in order to get started?

That depends on your company, your policy, and possibly your credit or history with insurers. Some providers do insist on a deposit before premiums and coverage can begin, others offer coverage and support that begins immediately with the payment of the first premium.

How long does it take before coverage can begin?

This also depends on the company and type of product you choose. From the time you receive your quote back, accept it and fill out a more detailed application, underwriting and then final approval, it is possible to receive a policy in less than a week with some providers. Others may take as long as a month for their wheels to turn in issuing a new agreement.

Can I just get protection for my spouse or for my children?

Yes. Child-alone policies are possible as well as policies for just part of your family such as a spouse and a child or multiple children.