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Get the Right Plan at a Low Price

Choosing the right insurance plan requires careful consideration, planning and comparison. If you choose the wrong plan, it could cause you serious grief in the future as well as cost you a good deal of money if you wind up having to pay for care that you thought would be covered. Here are a list of seven things to keep in mind when you are shopping for a plan for yourself or for your family:

  1. Compare multiple quotes: Like shopping for a car, except with possibly longer-lasting results, shopping for a policy is something you should not approach in an "eeny meeny miney moe" fashion. Let the different insurers impress you with their best product in your price range and compare between several quotes. You have the advantage in this kind of search here on this site because you can compare prices without any obligation to purchase.
  2. Smaller premiums aren't always better: This is because smaller premiums pretty much always come with smaller features and fewer perks. Don't just shop by premium price because you may miss out on certain advantages in your plan such as prescription benefits, maternity coverage or find yourself needing to pay more for hospitalization.
  3. Check carefully for exclusions or waiting periods: Especially if you are looking for health coverage for a particular situation or condition. Most policies will have a 9 month exclusion for maternity care, but other exclusions may exist which can come as an expensive surprise if you aren't expecting them.
  4. Be completely open and honest on your application: It is better to be upfront about any preexisting conditions or issues or medical history and allow the insurer to charge you more for monthly premiums, than to lie, and possibly be found out later only to receive zero coverage or have your policy cancelled out from under you entirely. It is a crime to knowingly falsify information on a medical insurance application and may lead to prosecution.
  5. Be sure you're covered before switching: Do not misconstrue receiving a quote through this site or anywhere else as an offer of coverage. Even if you receive an offer and sign up through a website for coverage, do not cancel any existing coverage or assume that you are covered until you have received a letter or statement from the provider verifying your coverage and terms. The medical underwriting process may reveal things that hinder, change, or completely cancel the possibility of a policy being issued to you.
  6. Check for high risk pools if you need them: If you have a preexisting condition such as cancer or diabetes, a common myth is that you cannot get health coverage. There are high-risk pools available that provide coverage for those with preexisting conditions. These plans are expensive, but may be worth the higher premiums in order to receive even some level of protection.